Discovery Finds its Newest Car Fabrication Star for New TV Show

Chad Hiltz, star of Discovery TV's BAD CHAD CUTOMS, debuting in JanuaryVehicle builder Chad Hiltz and his shop, Green Goblin Customs, will be the subject of a new Discovery TV Show debuting at 10 p.m. EST on Jan. 1. The show-titled BAD CHAD CUSTOMS-will chronicle Hiltz’s and his tight-knit team who turn metal from the junkyards into award-winning cars.

Hiltz’s one-of-a-kind creations spring from his imagination, a mind that never stops, according to Discovery.

“Isolated and without extra spending money, Chad always had to be creative and resourceful,” according to a Discovery news release announcing the show. “Using only basic tools and his limitless ingenuity, Chad will incorporate literally anything into his car builds, parts from a boat, airplane, even an old locker. Part MacGyver, part Willy Wonka, if Bad Chad can imagine it, he will find a way to build it.”

The show will also feature other members of the Green Goblin Customs team, including shop manager and Hiltz’s fiancé Jolene; son Colton; lifelong friend and builder Aaron, and mechanic Alex. Past creations made at the shop include the Bat out of Hell, which has kitchen cabinet door knobs and a dorsal fin, and the Green Goblin, which has its engine in the back, trunk in the middle, and no doors.

The series also highlights the evolving relationship between Chad and his son Colton.

“Growing up, the limited time Colton spent with his father had a great impact on his love for cars,” according to Discovery. “Now working with his father full-time as an apprentice, Colton dives head first into the world of custom cars. And while Chad may be hard on him at times, Colton is thick-skinned and eager to learn the family business.”

Viewers will also be able to catch the current season of BAD CHAD CUSTOMS, on the Discovery GO app, free with a paid TV subscription.

BAD CHAD CUSTOMS is produced for Discovery Channel by Love Productions; Richard McKerrow, Kevin Bartel and Jake Laufer are executive producers; Jeff Garcia and Tim Beers are co-executive producers. For Discovery, Craig Coffman and Kyle Wheeler are executive producers, and Brian Peterson is producer.

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