Direct Connection & Jeff Dunham Hit the Drag Strip

The group showed the comedian around his upgraded Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170...

While millions of people know comedian, ventriloquist and actor Jeff Dunham, they might be unaware he’s a certified car guy with an impressive collection of vehicles. For instance, Dunham takes his Direct Connection-equipped Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 to the drag strip.

“It all started with Hot Wheels,” Dunham explained in the latest video from muscle car builder, Dave Salvaggio. The newest addition to the collection is a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 – the final edition of the Hemi-powered hot rods from Dodge, boasting 1,025 hp.

Dunham owns car No. 0013, which is the same number as the original Demon in his collection. “How do you resist having something like this?” Dunham reasoned.

Direct Connection & Jeff Dunham Hit the Drag Strip | THE SHOP

2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 owners can specify a number of customized, limited-edition, serialized items that are linked to the VIN number of each vehicle. Complimentary items available through the Dodge//SRT Concierge team include a custom decanter set, personalized badging, car cleaning products, and even a two-day drag racing class.

Owners wishing to take their Demon 170 to the track also have access to a number of optional performance parts, which were engineered and fabricated by Direct Connection. With the parts fitted to Dunham’s car, Salvaggio invited the comedian to Irwindale Speedway to understand the vehicle’s dynamics and performance.

“It’s a massively powerful car and drivers need to know how to use it safely to get the maximum fun from their Demon 170,” Salvaggio explained.

“We prepped the eighth-mile track and Jeff was doing wheelies almost immediately!” Salvaggio continued.“Wheelies are a characteristic of the Demon models but it’s vital drivers are able to control the car for their own safety and the safety of others.”

Among the extra equipment fitted was the Direct Connection Parachute Mounting Kit and Pistol Grip Parachute Release. The Simpson parachute itself is available directly from Salvaggio Design, along with the seatbelt harnesses. Both carry the Demon logo and are not available from Direct Connection. However, a Harness Bar can be purchased from Direct Connection, fitting the interior roll cage without any drilling or cutting.

Direct Connection & Jeff Dunham Hit the Drag Strip | THE SHOP

The final addition was the Direct Connection Rear Seat Delete Carbon Fiber Closeout Panels. The package consisted of pre-preg carbon fiber pieces that reduce weight and improve the aesthetics of the rear seat area. Salvaggio custom-painted Dunham’s rear panel with Demon artwork.

Read more information on the Dodge SRT Demon 170, here. Learn more about Salvaggio Design here.

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