Design School Builds VR Auto Show

Transportation design students at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies (CCS) teamed up with Meta’s Creative Shop to build a VR auto show experience in Meta Horizon Worlds ahead of the North American International Detroit Auto Show (Detroit Auto Show), the school announced.

A group of CCS Transportation Design students participated in a two-week program and were tasked with imagining what a future auto show could look like in the metaverse, the school said. Using Meta Horizon Worlds, Meta’s social virtual reality platform that houses over 10,000 worlds for people to build, experience and explore together, the students developed automotive concepts, displayed in a virtual pavilion to demonstrate how cars could be displayed in the future.

The Metaverse Concept Car Showroom would offer a complement to an in-person auto show experience or simply a way to reach people who can’t attend, the school said, and explores how the future of the auto show in the metaverse could allow people a chance to build their own vehicles, drive virtual cars, explore the production process and more.

“The 2022 Detroit Auto Show has been completely reimagined, and we have added elements to the show that embrace the mobility of the future, so welcoming Meta and CCS to the show is a natural fit in that they are embracing the way vehicles of the future will be designed and demonstrated,” said Rod Alberts, executive director, Detroit Auto Show. “We look forward to experiencing what the future leaders of mobility have to share.”

The students were guided by Chiwei Lee, a CCS alum, adjunct professor, and current Head of Tech, Telco and Entertainment for Meta’s Creative Shop, who is focused on driving future transformation within the auto industry.

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