DENSO Opens Technical Center to Enhance Aftermarket Diagnostics Tech

DENSO has opened the Connected Services Pennsylvania Technical Center in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The technical center was previously part of EASE Simulation, Inc., an automotive diagnostics developer that was fully acquired by DENSO in 2018.

The technical center will operate under DENSO Products and Services Americas Inc., and further enhances DENSO’s ability to deliver cutting-edge aftermarket products and services, particularly as they relate to automotive inspection software, and telematics systems, according to the company. These technologies, propel DENSO’s broader focus on services in the aftermarket space and enable greater access to vehicle data, which informs retailers and technicians how cars can be made more efficient and safe.

Beyond aftermarket, the technical center bolsters the company’s offerings within its Original Equipment Service (OES) and non-automotive businesses, according to DENSO. It also strengthens the company’s push into software solutions to account for new mobility needs.

“Advanced diagnostics technology continues to take on increasing importance as vehicles rapidly become more connected and complex,” said Kenichiro Ito, executive director for DENSO Corp. and CEO of DENSO’s North American headquarters. “Through the technical center, DENSO looks to make it easier for fleet managers and technicians to access data in vehicles that will empower them to make cars safer and more fuel efficient.”

Founded in 1993 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, EASE and its products primarily focus on inspection, diagnostics, telematics and emissions. One of its leading products is VehicleMRI, a precision tool used to inspect and analyze automotive electronic systems and pinpoint hidden problems past typical check-engine-light issues with maximum accuracy.

In 2014, DENSO acquired 72.1 percent of EASE to help accelerate research and development of its vehicle diagnostic and telematics business in North America.

“The Connected Services Pennsylvania Technical Center, with its extensive diagnostics background, boosts our aftermarket presence in the Midwest and complements our other locations in Ohio and Indiana,” said Haruhiko Kato, president of DENSO Products and Services Americas Inc. “Because of our robust network across North America, as well as our focus on services in aftermarket and OES, we’re well-suited to support our customers quickly and to the unique requirements they demand as vehicle connectivity proliferates.”

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