DEI to Showcase Next Gen NASCAR in PRI Show Booth

The Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) booth at the PRI Show will feature NASCAR’s new Next Gen racecar, built by road racing team owner and builder Pancho Weaver, the company announced, giving showgoers an up-close look of the car that will make its NASCAR Cup Series debut early next year.

DEI has partnered with Weaver and his team for several years on projects in the Trans Am and road racing world, the company said, and captured 3D scans of the car when Weaver and his team started working on the car. DEI captured 3D scans of the car to provide custom heat solutions for the racecar.

“Controlling temperatures inside the cockpit keeps the driver more aware and sharper, and that’s a big benefit,” Weaver said. “During the testing, the comfort of car was better, we recorded external temperatures and interior temperatures and they had substantial drops.”

Weaver used DEI’s Dimpled Aluminum Sheet (with separate glass insulation), Heat Screen, Floor and Tunnel Shield, Reflect-a-Cool and Titanium Knitted Exhaust Sleeves in the Next Gen, which will be on display at DEI’s PRI Booth (#301).

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