Daystar Debuts Plasma Synthetic Fiber Winch Lines

Plasma synthetic fiber winch line by DaystarDaystar has introduced its new Plasma synthetic fiber winch lines. The material is specially formulated and altered at a molecular level for optimum strength, according to the company. Daystar Plasma synthetic winch lines are 86 percent lighter than steel cable, making them easier to handle, quicker to rig and safer to use, according to the company. They will not rust, corrode or develop skin-tearing fish hook burrs as wire rope can.

Since Daystar Plasma synthetic winch lines develop no kinks and have no memory like steel cable, they will spool more evenly and pull off the drum easier than steel, making them stronger, safer, and more reliable, according to Daystar.

The Plasma winch lines don’t store energy, meaning no whiplash or recoil that can cause the rope to snap back, according to Daystar.

The new Plasma synthetic fiber winch lines are made in the U.S.

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