Darin Morgan Joins Mast Motorsports Team

darin morganFormer head of Reher-Morrison’s R&D department Darin Morgan will join the Mast Motorsports team effective immediately. The new team member has experience developing advanced cylinder heads and induction systems for engine applications for NHRA, IHRA Pro Stock, IndyCar, NASCAR Cup, powerboats, land-speed cars, high-end sportsman and bracket racing. In his latest role, Morgan welcomes the opportunity to combine this experience with Mast’s engineering and manufacturing resources to launch the company’s newly formed Race Cylinder Head Services division.

“Working with David Reher and Bruce Allen for 22 years has been a real privilege. My time at Reher-Morrison was an excellent learning experience and I’m grateful for it,” Morgan said. “Developing cylinder heads is the only thing I’ve done since I was a teenager. I look forward to working with Horace Mast, Larry Widmer, and the entire Mast engineering team to accomplish things I could have only dreamed of before. When I first visited Mast Motorsports, I was blown away by how innovative, automated and efficient the entire operation was. Being able to work with a team of engineers and designers to perform CAD work, 3-D printing and make custom tooling all in-house is a dream come true. It allows us to digitize prototype ports and update existing port designs with very little effort. We can get twice as much done in half the time.”

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