CURT’s Echo Mobile Brake Control Receives Global Media Award

CURT-‘a manufacturer of USA-made hitches and a complete line of towing products-‘won a Global Media Award this year at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas for its Echo mobile brake control. The award came from the International News Media Association (INMA).

According to CURT, the Echo (#51180) turns drivers’ smartphones into brake control interfaces, is highly portable and compact, and plugs in between any standard seven-way RV blade vehicle-trailer wiring connection. The device connects wirelessly to the users smartphone via Bluetooth and uses the Echo Smart Control app to monitor all trailer brake activity. It is compatible with most Apple and Android phones and stores multiple vehicle-trailer profiles for easy transfer between towing setups.

INMA awards companies for breakthrough results, unique concepts and innovative thinking, and according to CURT, the Echo was selected as a winner due to its level of international consumer appeal.

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