COVERCRAFT’s New Brand Gets Big Expansion

GT Covers' new and much larger facility in Aurora, Colorado.GT Covers has completed a move into its new and much larger facility in Aurora, Colorado.

The brand was acquired by COVERCRAFT last fall. The investment was followed by COVERCRAFT’s commitment to expanding the GT Covers division and increasing manufacturing efficiency.

The move was not far in terms of distance, but the results are expected to be significant with the brand’s work space growing from 18,500 feet to 43,800 feet. New machinery is currently being installed to increase production and capacity growth, according to COVERCRAFT.

“We have really been able to reorganize our manufacturing process in a way that we feel will improve productivity and create a much better work environment for our team members,” said Marty Lichtmann, COO of Covercraft Industries.

The added manufacturing space provides new capacity for Covercraft product lines.

“I am really excited for the future of GT Covers,” said Gary Walsh, former CEO of GT Covers and current vice president of custom seat covers and design for COVERCRAFT. “With the significant investment COVERCRAFT has made in the new, state-of-the-art facility, GT Covers is strategically positioned for increased capacity and future growth.”

GT Covers currently produces exact fit seat covers. Many fabric options are available including Endura, Carhartt, Genuine Leather and Neoprene.

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