Competition Specialties Appoints New General Sales Manager

Competition Specialties Appoints New General Sales Manager | THE SHOPCompetition Specialties has promoted Randy Williamson to the position of general sales manager, the company announced. Williamson will oversee all of CSI’s sales efforts in this new position effective Jan. 1, 2022.

Williamson joined CSI in 2013 as a phone salesman assigned to the eastern Washington, Idaho and Montana territory.

“He quickly proved his sales talents and over the years continued to improve his skills, his knowledge of CSI and its many vendors,” the company said in a statement announcing the promotion. “Randy’s experience, sense of responsibility and dedication contributed to his promotion to phone sales manager in April of 2019.

“Throughout his time at CSI, Randy has demonstrated both the abilities and desires to move up within the ranks,” company representatives added. “His in-depth knowledge of our systems and daily operations will allow him to easily transition to this new management position – the next natural step in Randy’s CSI career. We are excited to see what additional achievements Randy will attain and we are confident he will succeed in his new position through a culture of support and teamwork.”

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