Classic Car Scam Busted in Ireland

The theft of older vehicles remains far from uncommon, with custodians of classic cars having to endure no-end of insurance rate hikes and scaremongering from flailing specialist media. Thugs are rarely caught, but a breakthrough in County Limerick, Ireland has caught four men red handed.

Classic car related crime appears to be on the up, the robbery of luxury saloons, sturdy 4x4s and anything with value-often in parts-undertaken not just by petty thieves, but by organized crime networks frequenting the garages and wallets of the unfortunate. Such as these chaps accused of being behind yet another classic car theft scheme.

Although the gentlemen in question have now been released without charge, the Garda confirmed that the men had been arrested due to links with a criminal operation, basing itself on deception involving the purchase and sale of vintage and classic cars. A file will be prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Rather cruelly, the majority of the victims have been elderly persons, and as of Dec. 12 there are 20 classic cars subject to investigation, with a total value of approximately $408,000.

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