Clarios & Altri Partner to Develop Low-Voltage Battery Systems

The low-voltage systems will run on sodium-ion battery architecture...

Worldwide automotive battery developer Clarios and Altris, a Swedish developer and manufacturer of sodium-ion batteries, announced a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) for low-voltage mobility applications.

Under the new agreement, Altris will focus on developing sodium ion cell technology for low-voltage applications, while Clarios will leverage its expertise in Battery Management Systems (BMS), software, and system integration to design the battery system.

Clarios & Altri Partner to Develop Low-Voltage Battery Systems | THE SHOP

Every vehicle, including hybrid and fully electric models, requires a reliable low-voltage energy source to power essential systems and functions. As the complexity of vehicles increases, the low-voltage network must adapt to support a growing array of software-based functions, including steer-by-wire, brake-by-wire, autonomous technologies, and enhanced in-cabin experiences. 

Sodium-ion (Na-ion) batteries are well suited to meet these increased power demand and at the same time are sustainable and easy to recycle. Na-ion technology offers an energy density on par with LFP battery technologies and is sustainable thanks to its environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. The materials used to produce Na-ion cells – salt, wood, iron and air – are abundant and free from toxic elements. Developing Na-ion batteries for vehicles would represent an important advancement in automotive battery technology.

Clarios & Altri Partner to Develop Low-Voltage Battery Systems | THE SHOP

“This Joint Development Agreement with Altris enables Clarios to expand our position in the development of battery solutions and to meet the growing demand for sustainable energy storage systems. This is a significant step forward with our strategy of being chemistry-agnostic when it comes to producing low-voltage batteries,” said Federico Morales Zimmermann, Clarios vice president and general manager, global customers, products and engineering. “We now have the ability to manufacture a variety of advanced battery types including absorbent glass mat, lithium-ion and Na-ion to support the low-voltage demands created by advanced vehicle technologies.”

“This Joint Development Agreement with Clarios enables us to continue our focus on developing and manufacturing sodium-ion batteries specifically adapted for the automotive battery market. Our chemistry has a unique advantage of combining low-temperature performance with the ability of delivering high currents, all while maintaining a competitive energy density,” says Björn Mårlid, CEO of Altris.

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