Champion Racing Oil Named 360 Sprint Car National Open Title Sponsor

lake-ozark-speedwayChampion is set to be the title sponsor of the 10th Annual 360 Nationals at Lake Ozark Speedway in Eldon, Missouri. The two-day event is happening Aug. 31 through Sept. 1. The American Sprint Car Series (ASCS) National Tour and the ASCS Warrior Region will headline the Memorial Day week-end classic.

Lake Ozark Speedway seats 5,000 and is a 1/3-mile banked clay oval (1,850 feet on the outside – 1,450 feet on the inside) with a track width of 75 feet all the way around. Corners are at 12 degrees, front-stretch is 5 degrees; and back-stretch is 5 degrees.

Champion Racing Oils are built specifically to meet the lubrication demands of racecar engines, especially those using flat tappet and roller cams operating at high RPMs and that require high-pressure valve springs, according to the company. To meet these demands, Champion utilizes its premium ZDDP anti-wear protection package, which contains a unique balance of chemistry that includes high levels of zinc and phosphorus.

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