Champion Oil Launches Coolant Additive

COLD BLUE Racing Coolant Additive by Champion BrandsChampion Brands will soon launch its COLD BLUE Racing Coolant Additive. The robust formulated chemical wetting agent is made to improve the heat transfer of racing and performance cooling systems, according to Champion.

Champion COLD BLUE Racing Coolant Additive allows racing and performance engines to run at up to 25-degrees cooler and prevent unwanted overheating, according to Champion. COLD BLUE contains a premium corrosion inhibitor package formulated to protect engine seals and all metals found in common cooling systems including aluminum.

This product is compatible with all types and colors of coolant/antifreeze. It contains no glycol and is safe for track use, according to the company.

The COLD BLUE treat rate is one ounce per quart, or one bottle per automotive cooling system of 12-20 quarts. Users can re-treat yearly or whenever coolant is changed for best results. Benefits, according to Champion, include: Reduction of overall engine temperature, corrosion protection, overheating prevention, and compatibility with gasoline and diesel.

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