Champion Oil Celebrating 65th Anniversary

Champion Oil Celebrating 65th Anniversary | THE SHOPChampion Brands, a manufacturer of chemicals, lubricants, brake fluids, motor oils and additives, will be celebrating its 65th Anniversary Celebration in 2021, the company announced. Highlights of the year will be sponsorship of national and regional auto races, product contests, promotions and special events.

Originally Lowe Oil Co. founded by Ralph Lowe in 1956, Champion produces and blends more than 350 products including fuel, oil and engine additives, brake fluids and motor oils for the automotive, heavy truck, racing, performance, industrial, commercial, agricultural and specialty markets. Champion is also an ISO 9001:2015 Certified and Registered Company.

Headquartered in Clinton, Missouri, 75 miles southeast of Kansas City, Champion’s 450,000 square foot plant with 30 loading bays accommodates more than 1.7 million gallons of bulk storage with rail siding.

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