Champion Oil Adds Sales Rep Agency

Champion Oil has charged Airheart Sales to serve as the performance oil company’s newest rep agency. Airheart Sales will represent Champion Oil in the western region of the U.S. and Canada.

“Airheart Sales is a premier manufacturers’ rep agency specializing in outside sales of performance auto parts and aftermarket truck, jeep, race, and SUV accessories through traditional distribution and eCommerce,” said Karl Dedolph, Champion’s director of national sales. “We are very excited to bring this team on board as our representation in Canada, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, and Hawaii.  Their excellent reputation and tremendous work ethic are a natural fit that we know will help us take care of our customers.

“This group has been in business over 25 years and is driven to succeed for companies like Champion utilizing their award-winning personnel and sales philosophy. They are active members of SEMA, PRI, CAN/PWA, and SEMA Data Co-op Certified.”

“Airheart Sales philosophy of listening to the needs of the manufacturer and being innovative and flexible enough to meet the needs of today’s marketplace is a very successful combination,” Dedolph added.” Working with key engine builders, WDs, racers, and automotive based reseller and distribution businesses, gives the Champion Brands/Airheart Sales team a strong and unique position in today’s demanding environment. Together they will combine cutting-edge technology in communication and software to support e-retailers such as Amazon, Auto Anything, US Auto Parts, and JC Whitney.”

For more information, call Champion at 800-821-5693 or visit

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