Champion Launches Diesel Performance Blog

Champion Oil, a manufacturer of lubricants, chemicals and motor oils, has created a blog that aims to become a complete resource center for diesel enthusiasts.

“Today the marketing side of the diesel performance business is almost entirely digital. In the last decade 90% of all printed diesel magazines have closed up shop or converted to digital platforms such as blogs,” said Karl Dedolph, Director of Champion Oil Racing and Performance Products.

Champion’s new blog, ‘The Blue Flame Blogger,’ aims to establish itself as a vital resource for diesel performance enthusiasts by becoming a hub connecting enthusiasts to other digital platforms such as Diesel Forums, Press Releases, Email, Web Sites, RSS Feeds and other social media platforms, the company said.

The Blue Flame Diesel Blog also has links that provide real-time information on such subjects as diesel fuel prices, truck stop locations, technical information, torque specs, how to become a Champion Oil distributor, real-time crude oil prices, diesel seminars, on-line purchases and locations where to buy.

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