CDK Global Experiences Cyber Incidents

The sudden issues slowed sales at nearly 15,000 dealers nationwide...

CDK Global has experienced a pair of cyberattacks over the past few days that affected thousands of car dealers across the country. A report from CNN notes that the company experienced attacks on June 19 and 20 that caused sales transaction and other delays.

CDK operates numerous software services for dealerships including record keeping, sales tracking, scheduling and communications. Not every dealer uses CDK, but it helps manage over 15,000 dealers in the U.S.

CDK Global Experiences Cyber Incidents | THE SHOP

The company had shut down many of its services following the initial cyberattack as it worked to address the issue and get back online, only to report a second attack the next day.

The issues slowed or stopped sales for thousands of dealers during one of the busiest selling months of the year. 

Dealers were still able to work by hand or use services outside of CDK Global, but as CNN pointed out, the disruption could cause many local buyers to change dealers or locations based on the sudden issues. 

Read the full report from CNN here.

Pat Curtin

Pat Curtin is the managing editor of THE SHOP magazine.
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