Carroll Shelby Foundation Relocates

The foundation will move into the Shelby American facility in Las Vegas...

The Carroll Shelby Foundation (CSF) board of directors has planned a major expansion, beginning with the relocation of the charity from Southern California to the Shelby American facility in Las Vegas.

The Nevada location will give millions of people better access to the charity, as well as build closer relationships with Shelby American affiliates and augment the non-profit’s staff, according to organization officials.

“My grandfather, Carroll Shelby, was deeply committed to continuous improvement,” said Aaron Shelby, co-president of the Carroll Shelby Foundation and board member of Carroll Shelby International. “From enhancing performance cars to building championship organizations, he believed in constant evolution. We’re re-staging the charity he founded at the facility he established to better help kids win the race for life. It’s an exciting moment.”

CSF was created in 1992 while retired racing driver and automaker Carroll Shelby was awaiting a heart transplant. The charity provides medical assistance for those in need, including children, as well as educational opportunities for young people through automotive and other training programs.

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Over the years, the non-profit helped create the Carroll Shelby Automotive Program and made gifts to the Children’s Organ Transplant Association and The Eli Home. The Carroll Shelby Foundation has supported other non-profit organizations, including JDRF and Cruise For A Cure, with donations of items and promotional activities. The Shelby community has also rallied to the Foundation’s mission by donating money and purchasing special items offered by Shelby American and CSF.

“The organizations that Carroll Shelby founded continue to touch the lives of millions worldwide,” said Joe Conway, board member of the Carroll Shelby Foundation, co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International and CEO of Shelby American. “Relocating the Carroll Shelby Foundation to Shelby American will help the charity be even more impactful.”

The Shelby American facility in Las Vegas attracts hundreds of thousands of people each year as they watch vehicles being built, see historic Shelby cars and trucks, enjoy the Team Shelby lounge and shop Carroll Shelby’s Store.The line of merchandise benefiting the charity available in the store will be increased and a small group of items signed by Carroll years ago will be available for purchase.

“Carroll Shelby felt that his highest calling was to help young people,” said Neil Cummings, co-President of the Carroll Shelby Foundation, co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International and CEO of Carroll Shelby Licensing. “And just like the companies he established, good was never good enough. Carroll continually expanded the foundation’s mission to have a greater impact and he charged us to continue its mission. We planned this step to increase our ability to fulfill that obligation to him.”

As part of the foundation’s move to Las Vegas, the organization will review and reorganize its operations over the next few months. Those interested in learning more about the charity can visit

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