Carlisle Events Announces Staff Changes

Carlisle Events has made several changes to its staffing structure.

“The biggest staffing change at Carlisle comes in the form of Scott Amig being named general manager and operations manager of Carlisle Events,” the group stated in a news release. “Scott has been with Carlisle Events since 2011 and much like every other staffer in the office, he wears and has worn many hats. He’s been a building manager, an event manager, still oversees the maintenance and facilities team and now, with years of leadership experience under his belt, will also direct day to day operations on behalf of Bill Miller, Jr. and Lance Miller.”

Additional management level changes include Ed Scholly being tapped as director of event development and associate sponsorship development. Scholly has been with Carlisle Events since 2000, working as an event manager for the former Carlisle Bike Fest, York Open House and numerous other past events, as well as his current role in the regionally popular Carlisle Truck Nationals.

“His role with sponsorship development aides in securing high-end industry leaders as part of the Manufactures Midway not only at the truck show, but at all events on the Carlisle schedule,” the group stated. “For 2019, Scholly will also oversee each event manager, while continuing to work hand in hand with the marketing team to assure that all aspects of the event, from promotion to execution run smoothly.”

Tami DeMark has also bee appointed director of customer relations. DeMark has transitioned into this roll following the retirement of long-time Carlisle Events staffer Diane Vaughn. DeMark also oversees bookings, logistics and overall management of the neighboring Carlisle Expo Center.

Meanwhile, two staffers have seen increased event planning roles for this season.  Ed Buczeskie, who historically has been the event manager for the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals and Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals adds Spring and Fall Carlisle to his resume. He’ll also oversee the Hurst Showcase, which happens in conjunction with the Carlisle Chevrolet Nationals.

Down the hall and around the corner from Buczeskie is Jodi Morrison. Morrison was hired in 2011 and over the past eight seasons has transitioned from an assistant, to ownership, to the executive assistant, concessions manager, and event manager for Corvettes at Carlisle and Winter AutoFest in Lakeland, Florida, according to the group.

Complete details about the event season can be found at or by calling 717-243-7855.

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