Carlisle Events All Year to Celebrate Summer of ’69

In 1969 Nixon was in the White House, Woodstock overtook a New York field, the Beatles were the kings of music, Americans were landing on the moon, and Detroit was manufacturing some of the most iconic cars of all time. Fifty years later, the spirit of the famed Summer of ’69 will take center stage at the Carlisle, Pennsylvania fairgrounds, according to officials.

While the season schedule for Carlisle Events has seen two of its events completed, the core of its season remains. From Spring Carlisle (April 24-28) through Fall Carlisle (Oct. 2-6) and everything in between, guests who visit will find something a little nostalgic about their experience.

“Call it a 50-year class reunion, because the displays, imagery and even some musical ambiance will transport guests back in time,” Carlisle officials stated in a news release.

The shows themselves will offer special displays, more specifically starting with the Carlisle Ford (May 31-June 2) Nationals and concluding with Corvettes at Carlisle (Aug. 22-25).  Ford weekend, presented by Meguiars, hosts the 50th birthday celebration of the Mach 1, the 50th anniversary of the Boss, 50th anniversary of the Eliminator and celebrates the 50th of the Maverick.

Up next is the Chevrolet Nationals (June 21-22) which is also the first official show of Summer. Weekend spotlights will include the 50th birthday of the Blazer as well as the GTO Judge. In addition, Buildings T and Y will have featured displays including cars from 1969.

As June transitions to July, the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals (July 12-14) are up next. Fifty-year honors for this event include a 50th tribute to the Dodge Charger Daytona & 500, the A12 Road Runner & Super Bee, the M Code A-Body as well as a featured vehicle showcase of some of the best Mopars ever made in 1969.  In August, the Carlisle Truck Nationals (Aug. 2-4) and Corvettes at Carlisle help wrap the specialty events at Carlisle.

Truck weekend will offer a look at some of the coolest trucks ever made and spotlight the $69/69 second burnout contest, while Corvettes at Carlisle, presented by Corvette America, will host a massive display of 1969 Corvettes. Carlisle Auctions will even offer a ’60s Power Hour during its events.

Common themes across all events include branding and special graphics specific to the theme. This includes flags around the grounds, plus signs and banners near main entry gates.

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