CAN Connect Conference Moves to Frisco, Texas

Custom Automotive Network (CAN) is now accepting registrations for the Sept. 9-12 CAN Connect Conference in Frisco, TexasThe event-”previously known as the PWA conference-”is in its 45th year.

The annual networking conference is an exclusive opportunity for manufacturers, resellers, sales reps, service providers and media to meet in a private businesslike environment to discuss sales and marketing policies, grow existing business, and initiate new business, according to CAN.

“The CAN Connect Conference provides a unique concentration of distributors and manufacturers,” said Tracie Nunez, CAN president. “The last four years has seen an expansion in the types of resellers and distributors attending the event. Manufacturers want to promote a consistent brand message and having these meetings helps ensure a better sale. So, even if a reseller relies on other fulfillment distributors for inventory, they are welcome to attend this event. Each attending company can choose partners that fit their supply channel needs.”

“Our CAN Connect Conference provides a great venue and atmosphere to get business done. Where else can a reseller have 45- to 90-plus face-to-face meetings with manufacturers and service providers in three days at one location? Nowhere, as far as I know,” said Scott Wahlstrom, marketing manager for Motor State Distributing and chairman-elect for the CAN Board of Directors.

“The best thing about CAN Connect is the opportunity to get together with multiple customers in a single setting away from the trade show madness,” said Dan Nicholas of JET Performance Products.

“The best thing about CAN Connect is meeting with industry peers to share your future plans for growth and ideas for new products and policies,” said Donnie Eatherly of P&E Distributors Inc. “Networking with your peers and learning new ways to improve the way you conduct business and what’s going on in other market places that you could implement that would have a positive impact on your business.”

Register for CAN Connect by visiting More information can be found by emailing or calling 760-346-5647.

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