Bring a Trailer & Pennzoil Highlight 400,000-Mile BMW E28

The Success Stories in Motion series is part of Pennzoil's Long May We Drive campaign...

Bring a Trailer in partnership with Pennzoil has released its newest Success Stories in Motion series, highlighting specific sales on its auction sites and the personal stories behind them. Most recently, Bring a Trailer featured Dacian Anca, his father and their 400,000-mile BMW E28 535is.

As a student, Dacian stretched his budget and his skills by learning how to wrench on his 35-year-old dream car, and the experience hasn’t been without its setbacks. 

The time and care Dacian has put into the vehicle highlights his love of the automobile and how a passion can grow. Watch the video of the the 400K mile BMW E28 below.

Bring a Trailer’s partnership with Pennzoil and its Long May We Drive Campaign highlights that although we are as different as the cars we drive, we are all united in a passion for cars.

To watch the full Youtube series, click here.

Pat Curtin

Pat Curtin is the managing editor of THE SHOP magazine.

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