Bridgestone Launches Mobile Vehicle Service Fleet

Bridgestone Americas has launched its new Firestone Direct mobile vehicle service for car owners and fleet operators. Firestone Direct brings the capabilities of the company’s 2,200 Bridgestone Retail Operations automotive service centers directly to vehicle owners’ homes or workplaces with contact-free service.

The new offering uses custom-designed and specially equipped vans operated by certified technicians to perform a wide range of maintenance services, including fluid and filter changes, tire repair and replacement, battery check and replacement and more. The new service launched first in Nashville and Atlanta and expanded into Orlando and Tampa in March. Through 2021, Firestone Direct will continue to grow into additional markets across the southeastern U.S., with plans to expand nationwide by 2023.

“Customers are increasingly turning to online shopping and at-home services for convenience and safety, and Firestone Direct is at the forefront of this movement for at-home car care,” said Angie Oleson, director of Firestone Direct. “By bringing trusted vehicle care featuring the latest automotive technologies directly to the customer, Firestone Direct can leverage the expertise of our trained technicians with the ease of online booking and at-home service for maximum convenience.”

Firestone Direct technicians review their schedules in advance and bring the right tools and parts to each on-site appointment to ensure a tailored, friendly and professional service experience. Technicians use full personal protective equipment including gloves and masks. At the completion of services, technicians ensure that any waste is responsibly managed and recycled by Bridgestone Retail Operations.

The only requirements for service are a clean and flat surface with enough clearance to access and lift the vehicle, such as a driveway or parking lot. The specially equipped Firestone Direct vans employ a vacuum-style oil collection system that draws used oil from the engine through the dipstick port to minimize the potential for spills. The vans also employ tools to optimize space and efficiency, such as compact and digital tire balancing systems for rotations and replacements.

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