Bondurant Driving School Adds Police, Military Training Programs

Bondurant Driving School Adds Police, Military Training Programs | THE SHOPBondurant High Performance Driving School has developed two new training curriculums designed to teach U.S. special operations units, the U.S. Marshal Service, FBI and other law enforcement agencies how to successfully navigate high-risk driving situations, the organization announced.

The courses, Tactical Driver Training (TDT) and Enhanced Driver Training (EDT), were introduced for the first time in August during the training of 100 Arizona law enforcement personnel.

“Repetition, speed, and power are integrated into both courses to create a pressurized environment that transitions students from driving under stress to managing duress behind the wheel,” said Mike McGovern, Bondurant’s chief instructor. “We’ve created proven techniques for students to tap into the depths of concentration and emotional control while driving. The ability to make the best micro-decisions at high speeds maximizes vehicle performance and helps the officer safely accomplish the mission.”

The TDT course is designed to transition everyday tactical drivers into confident high-performance vehicle operators, the driving school said. Daily driving habits are broken down and replaced with 40 hours of new vehicle management techniques, with 90 percent of training time spent behind the wheel of five different vehicle types on four tracks.

Techniques are paired with the ability to analyze maneuver risk and select the best method to maximize performance and preserve the vehicle. The training culminates in a series of full mission profiles that present operators with ambiguous scenarios that require rapid decision making and vehicle management under pressure.

Enhanced Driving Techniques (EDT) is a 40-hour course that builds off the TDT course and includes daily track time to push students to new limits of physical, mental and emotional fatigue which physiologically manifests symptoms similar to hypoxia. Students master new vehicle management techniques to hyper-focus quickly and maximize vehicle performance.

Law enforcement, military and special forces drivers training is available year-round at Bondurant.

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