BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY Launches Pay by Text Software

May 29, 2020

BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY, a supplier of technology solutions for the automotive aftermarket, has launched its next shop management software, SecondGear, which adds BOLT ON’s Text To Pay functionality to the digital customer communication process.

The program supplements the company’s NextGear program, which features an independent digital vehicle inspection software.

In conjunction with SecondGear’s debut, BOLT ON also announced the launch of BOLT ON Pay, an enhancement and rebranding of the company’s Quick Charge Pro program. BOLT ON has partnered with EasyPay Finance to provide repair shops using BOLT ON products the ability to offer consumers flexible payment options to afford unexpected repair costs. BOLT ON Pay includes the Text to Pay capability and is available to all BOLT ON customer shops whether they’re using NextGear or not.

SecondGear and BOLT ON Pay are available at no additional up-front monthly subscription cost to current NextGear and Pro Pack users respectively. Third-party processing fees may apply.

“With SecondGear, BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY is helping shops shift revenue into even higher gear by providing complimentary tools to best accommodate customers’ needs, whether those include paying easily and securely with a few clicks on their phone or the ability to afford necessary repairs to keep their vehicle running safely in the first place,” said Mike Risich, BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY’s founder and CEO. “NextGear has proven popular since its launch, and this new module helps bridge the gap for shops that want to take advantage of Digital Vehicle Inspections and other valuable BOLT ON benefits. And it can be used with any Web-enabled device, with or without a third-party management system.”

SecondGear augments NextGear’s suite of functions and capabilities, which include:

• Vehicle condition photographs and videos
• BOLT ON’s red/yellow/green-light vehicle health reports
• Two-way texting between customers and the shop
• Speech-to-text note taking
• Complete vehicle maintenance profiles
• Ability to clearly track progression and wear of parts over time
• Future appointment scheduling
• Cloud storage of all data, for protection and easy access
• Access to hundreds of pre-written tech notes and recommendations
• Fully customizable inspection templates
• No annual subscription fee, simply pay as you go, month-to-month