Bob Katz Added to 2024 MasterTech Expo Instructor Lineup

Learn more about music recording & production, plus sound demonstrations…

Automotive electronics company Mobile Solutions has added well-known audio recording and mastering engineer Bob Katz as a headlining instructor for the 2024 MasterTech Expo.

Katz will be instructing high fidelity “Music Recording and Production” Seminars 1 and 2, as well as conducting sound demonstrations during the event, scheduled for March 3-6 in Mesa, Arizona.

“This is a true first, and we couldn’t be more thrilled than to have Bob on board for the 2024 MasterTech Expo as a headlining instructor,” said Bryan Schmitt, Mobile Solutions founder/CEO/president. “Bob’s exclusive session is scheduled to be conducted once during the show. Seating is limited to 165 attendees, and unlike some classes that repeat on the second day, this session is a one-time opportunity and will surely sell out quickly.”

During his sessions, Katz will reveal the truth behind the artifice, since so many recordings are manipulated during mixing and mastering. He will demonstrate some of the processes that engineers use to create depth and dimension from recordings that otherwise would sound dry and lifeless.

Using mixes and masters that he has produced, he will explain how some attributes were captured in the recording and others synthesized in the mixing and mastering. He will demonstrate the necessity of having accurate monitoring in order to zero in on mixing and mastering decisions.

“Chances are, you already know Bob and his work,” Schmitt continued. “If you’ve ever competed in a car audio sound quality contest, used one of the sanctioned competition CDs or have your own copy of his published works, Bob has already contributed to your enjoyment or your understanding of your craft.”

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