BMW F80 M3 By KIES Motorsports Breaks 1,000 HP With 50-State Legal Exhaust

The M3 utilized AWE's Switchback cat-back exhaust system...

AWE partnered with KIES Motorsports as one of the high-performance products featured on the outfit’s record-breaking 1,001-hp dyno run with the KIES Motorsports 2016 BMW M3.

“We knew that our exhaust would flow to great power levels. However, we were unsure of what those levels would be, given that we re-engineered our exhaust for the platform to come after catalysts, thereby leaving some inherent restriction from emissions devices. This feat is a testament to the concept that you can sound amazing, look amazing, but also blow the roof off a world record, all while keeping catalysts intact during the installation of an aftermarket exhaust,” stated AWE VP of Marketing Jesse Kramer.

The KIES Motorsports BMW F80 is running the AWE SwitchPath Catback Exhaust.

“Remaining emissions compliant is something that’s very important to us. With our AWE exhaust and four catalytic converters, we set out to do what many said was impossible and succeeded in our goal of breaking 1,000 horsepower on a catted setup. Not only is it emissions-friendly, but we believe it’s the best-sounding exhaust setup on the market for the F8X platform,” stated KIES Motorsports CEO Bryan Kiefer.

The dyno runs were performed at Mishimoto’s headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, with special thanks to the entire Mishimoto team. There is a full modification list found on KIES Motorsports’ website, here.

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