‘Big Mighty Wheels’ Wins In-Vehicle Game Development Competition

AirConsole, BMW Group went searching for a fun game for road trips…

What better game to play while driving than a driving game?

‘Big Mighty Wheels’ Wins In-Vehicle Game Development Competition | THE SHOP

AirConsole and BMW Group’s Game Developer Competition, announced back in March at GDC in San Francisco, drew dozens of game demo submissions from developers around the world.

After selecting four finalists, AirConsole and BMW Group awarded “Big Mighty Wheels” from Paranoia Games with the top prize that includes funding for its game and the opportunity to visit BMW Group’s headquarters in Munich, Germany, to play its game demo in a car equipped with the AirConsole platform.

Calling it “a compelling addition to AirConsole’s fast-growing portfolio of games for cars,” officials explained that “Big Mighty Wheels” is an arcade driving game that showcases AirConsole’s unique local multiplayer functionalities by requiring strong cooperative play from the players.

“AirConsole’s controller solution enables a truly unique gaming experience in the car environment and sparked our creativity when developing ‘Big Mighty Wheels,’” said Rodrigo Picazo, game developer at Paranoia Games. “This opportunity enabled us to personalize the controller in various ways and optimize the input for the player.”

AirConsole games are played using smartphones as controllers while playing games on a big screen, eliminating the need for additional hardware.

“The team from Paranoia Games took full advantage of what AirConsole’s game controller solution offers when they designed their game. Our hope is that other developers will be inspired by their game and in turn work with us to bring new and innovative gaming experiences to cars,” said Antti Makkonen, senior executive producer at AirConsole.

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