Best In The Desert Awarding Championship for Condensed Season

Off-road racing organization Best In The Desert has launched a condensed championship, called the COVID-19 Championship, that includes the races for the remainder of its 2020 season.

Best In The Desert currently offers the Class Championship for those racers that race all the events in the American Off-Road Racing Series, the Maxxis Tires Triple Crown Championship and the 4 Wheel Parts Youth Championship. In addition to these championships, the series will now offer a COVID-19 Championship mid-season.

The COVID-19 Championship will be composed of three races for Cars and Trucks and four races for Bikes, Quads, and UTVs. The VT Construction Silver State 300 presented by Polaris, Maxxis Tires Casey Folks “Vegas to Reno” presented by Fox, and the BlueWater Desert Challenge will count for all classes and the Jagged X National Desert Cup Presented by Quantum Motorsports will make up the fourth race for Bikes, Quads, and UTVs.

“The intent of the COVID-19 Championship is to provide an opportunity for teams to have a chance to win a class championship in 2020 and fulfill the obligations they have made to sponsors and their own teams even if they have not competed in the American Off-Road Racing Series up to this point,” stated Operations Manager Donald Jackson. “Through no fault of their own, or anyone else’s for that matter, the pandemic has prevented events from happening in 2020 but teams and sponsors had already made obligations prior to this pandemic. We are creating the COVID-19 Championship mid-season to allow those teams to fulfill those obligations and potentially win a class championship.”

“The COVID-19 Championship will not affect the highly competitive and coveted Best In The Desert Class Championship which requires racers to race all events to be eligible for a class championship save the VT Construction Silver State 300 presented by Polaris,” said co-owner/ CMO Bryan Folks. “Those that have competed in the Tensor Tire Parker 250, BlueWater Parker 425 and King Shocks Laughlin Desert Classic will be the only ones allowed to continue to pursue the Best In The Desert Class Championship. Nor will the COVID-19 Championship impact the Maxxis Tire Triple Crown Championships with the highest payback in the history of the sport. It’s just that racers will now be eligible to compete for the COVID-19 Championship as well.”

“This new condensed series within our 2020 racing schedule is a one-time deal,” commented Best In The Desert CEO, Daryl Folks. “So much has happened this year and we want to do everything in our power to give off-road racers a reason to compete and satisfy their obligations to their sponsors by having a series championship to contend for. This holds true especially for those that don’t regularly race with us. And while our highly coveted Best In The Desert Series Class Championships and Triple Crown remain the ultimate championships in off-road racing, think of this new condensed series as an opportunity to change some lemons into lemonade and give racers something to look forward to.”

Competitors will be racing head-to-head for class position, points and overall standings at the remaining 2020 events no matter what championship they are competing for. There will be no throw-away race for the COVID-19 Championship. Racers must enter all remaining events to be considered for the COVID-19 Championship. There will be separate points summaries created for all series being offered.

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