Bentley Continental GT Breaks Production Car Record on Pikes Peak

Rhys Millen drove the 12.42-mile Pikes Peak Hill Climb 8.4-seconds faster previous record. He drove a Bentley Continental GTThe Bentley Continental GT claimed the outright record for a production car at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on June 30 in Colorado.

Driven by three-time champion Rhys Millen, the Continental GT conquered the 12.42-mile course in just 10:18.488 taking 8.4 seconds off the previous record and averaging an astonishing 70 mph.

Climbing almost 5,000 feet through 156 bends, Millen combined his driving skills with the the advanced 12-cylinder engine to claim the coveted record. With the start line at 9,300 feet and climbing to 14,100 feet, the air is a third less dense than at sea level.

“This is an amazing finish to a wet, snowy 2019 run at Pikes Peak,” Millen said. “We came here with one goal in mind, and that was to be the fastest production car up the mountain and set a new record. It was an incredible week. Today was a challenge with what Mother Nature threw at us, but the Continental GT held strong all the way to the top, and we are now No. 1.”

The Bentley Bentayga last year demonstrated its performance credentials by claiming the outright record for a production SUV on the Pikes Peak course. Piloted by Millen, the world’s most luxurious SUV completed the course in just 10:49.9, taking nearly 2 minutes off the previous record.

100 Years of Extraordinary

The record run, on one of the world’s most challenging motorsport courses, is the latest highlight of Bentley’s centenary year. July 10 will officially mark Bentley’s 100th year.

A year-long series of special activities will continue during 2019, with celebrations at other events around the world. They will showcase Bentley’s motoring evolution over the last 100 years, highlighting its global success today and the exciting future of innovation ahead.

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