BD Diesel Wins SEMA Product Award for Best Packaging

Nov 13, 2020

The BD Diesel TS Booster was recognized during SEMA360 earlier this month, winning the award for Best Packaging Design, the company announced.

“The redesign of the new TS Booster was a major step in the evolution of how our teams here at BD approached creating or recreating products from scratch. Hundreds of hours were spent in each step, from concept to production, until a product we were excited about was delivered out to our distributors, dealers and customer,” the company said in a statement announcing the award. “One of the key components to the redesign of the TS Booster was in how we were going package them.”

With the newer version of the TS Booster being a smaller size, BD Diesel designed a box that contains the unit while reducing the overall amount of packaging material.

With the new A.I. pedal learning feature of the TS Booster, the install and set up was simplified which made it possible to put all the information on the inner lid of the packaging thus reducing the need to include unnecessary paper instructions, the company said.

“The overall mandate with this project was to reduce as much material as possible which would reduce what would end up in the recycling bin,” the company said. “[Winning] the Best Packaging award at SEMA 360 is a testament to the many long hours the BD team dedicated into the design of the TS Booster packaging which is something that we are very proud of and will use as a basis for future products.”