AWE Supporting Angelman Syndrome Awareness Effort

AWE, a precision engineering firm outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is putting its Ford F-150 exhaust line to good use by supporting a massive country-wide road trip to raise awareness for a rare neuro-genetic disorder called Angelman disease.

The company provided Mike Cook with a new exhaust for his F-150, which the Cook family is taking on a road trip around the country in a campaign to bring awareness to their son Matthew’s condition.

Click here to see a quick video of Matthew enjoying the new exhaust.

“Why do we really do what we do? It’s always been about bringing smiles to faces when that pedal hits the floor. And frankly, there’s never been a more direct correlation between the AWE product line and that smile—just look at Matthew. Supporting this cause has been one of our highlights, and what the Cook family is doing to raise awareness for Angelman Syndrome, in general, is truly something worthy of both our attention and yours,” stated Jesse Kramer, AWE’s VP of Marketing. “Matthew has helped us see it clearly that true love is meeting someone exactly where they are—no matter how they stack up against what the world thinks they ‘should’ be.”

“We can’t thank AWE and their team enough for helping us do just that. Many may wonder how an exhaust system can help with that and besides the pure joy you saw on Matthew’s face it also helps by bringing attention to the truck and camper,” Mike Cook said. “We had a large marketing firm point out that the more we can get our truck to gather attention the more people will look at the camper. The more people that look at the camper, the more they will ask questions about Angelman syndrome. We had never thought of that and since we had the exhaust put in, we’ve had a lot of people asking where we got it.”

The AWE-outfitted Ford F-150 will be traveling to various locations across the US, from Florida to Pennsylvania to California, to raise awareness for the syndrome. AWE will be joining the ranks of supporting sponsors such as Garmin, Honda, Make-a-Wish, PowerStop, Burley, JLT and more.

Click here to learn more about the Cook’s trip.

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