AWE Plans to Enter New Market

AWE is set to make “a major push into the Camaro market,” starting with the Gen6 SS and ZL1 cars, according to the company.

The new product line will be launched in partnership with Phastek Performance, which is set to lead the eCommerce sales of the product.

“AWE’s recent explosive success with modern muscle made the 6th generation of Camaro a logical, exciting, and quite applicable next step for us. The 6.2L has quickly become one of our favorite power plants, and our ability to scavenge even more aggression out of this killer speaks to our engineering team’s love affair with this platform,” said Jesse Kramer, vice president of marketing for AWE.

The line will incorporate an exhaust line up that will cover AWE’s signature Touring Editions, which feature the company’s drone-canceling solution 180 Technology, as well as the wake-the-dead Track Editions.

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