AWE to Enter Late-Model F-150 Market

AWE has announced its plans to enter the 2015+ Ford F-150 market with an exhaust line for V-8 and EcoBoost-equipped F-150s. The new exhaust line, called 0FG, will be launched in partnership with CJ Pony Parts.

“The success of the AWE Raptor Line has made the F-150 the logical next step. The EcoBoost F-150 motor very much needed some AWE love, and the V8 sounds furious post-AWE makeover. This is going to be the new standard,” said Jesse Kramer, vice president of marketing for AWE.

The exhaust line will feature a single-exit exhaust with two 4.5-inch bespoke tips on the right side of the vehicle; and  a dual-exit 5-inch tip system that can be configured to come straight out the back or out each side of the truck behind the rear wheels, according to AWE. Those looking to hone their tone will also have options for resonated and non-resonated Performance Mid Pipes.

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