Autoshop Solutions, Shop Boss Create Marketing ROI Dashboard

Autoshop Solutions, Shop Boss Create Marketing ROI Dashboard | THE SHOPAutoshop Solutions, an automotive services-based digital marketing company, has partnered with Shop Boss, a provider of shop management software, to create a marketing return-on-investment dashboard for customers, the company announced.

The ROI integration tool draws data from Shop Boss SMS into Autoshop Solutions’ dashboard, aligning marketing information with the repair orders from Shop Boss SMS, the companies said, resulting in data showing how marketing dollars are being allocated, and demonstrating to clients where the business originated and how it correlates to an actual customer.

“We are very excited about this partnership,” said Cavan Robinson, general manager of Shop Boss. “This tool will undoubtedly assist our customers in making informed decisions regarding their marketing investments.”

“To persist in offering superior services to our customers, we are continually evolving and responding to our customers’ needs,” said Tony Mercury, vice president of revenue, Autoshop Solutions. “Through this partnership, we can present our customers with the next tier of data available to aid them in assessing their business growth and determining their future direction.”

Additional features integrated with the ROI tool include monitoring when a customer located the shop online up to when they became an actual shop customer, the companies said. It also displays total calls, new customers, and marketing revenue by medium and source (organic traffic, paid search, and paid social).

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