Automakers, Colorado Reach Deal on Zero-Emission Vehicle Mandate

Colorado and major automakers said on Monday they have reached a deal on the state’s plan to adopt California’s zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) requirements after earlier talks had ended without a deal.

The state, which plans to join the California program starting in the 2023 model year, has agreed to allow automakers to earn credits for selling electric vehicles in the two model years prior and use other transitional credits available in other states.

Two major auto trade groups representing 99 percent of U.S. car and truck sales including General Motors Co., Volkswagen AG, Toyota Motor Corp. and Hyundai Motor Co., said the state agreed to address concerns “by providing the support Coloradans need to buy electric vehicles while allowing auto manufacturers to transition into Colorado’s ZEV program.”

The Colorado agreement must be approved by the state’s Air Quality Control Commission at a meeting later this month.

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