Austin Hatcher Foundation E-Racing Team Hits the Track

The Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer’s E-Racing team, powered by Hixon Motor Sports, is hitting the track at the Chattanooga Green Prix, the organization announced.

The Green Prix, hosted by Green Spaces Chattanooga, is an event where students race go-kart-sized electric cars.

The E-Racing program is one component of the foundation’s Industrial Arts STEAM-based Therapy Programs and is designed to inspire children with cancer and their siblings to advance education in the subject of sustainable engineering and technology.

Over the past six months, eight children affected by childhood cancer worked together in building their own functioning and drivable electric car while building confidence, problem solving skills and creative thinking, including hand drawn artwork and logos, the organization said.

The “E-Racing” program’s name carries a profound meaning, according to the foundation. Not only is it an electric vehicle, but it also embodies the essence of the Austin Hatcher Foundation’s mission: “Erasing the effects of childhood cancer.” By participating in this program, the young racers are developing skills that not only empower them, the organization said, but also help in erasing the emotional and social impacts of pediatric cancer.

“This project is about more than just racing,” said Daniel Fosbinder, AHF’s Industrial Arts Manager. “It’s about fostering teamwork, enhancing problem-solving abilities, nurturing critical thinking skills, and imparting knowledge in engineering, aerodynamics and electrical systems. The kids have been on a learning journey that combines STEAM education with hands-on experience, and it has been so rewarding to watch.”

The program, and AHF’s Goblin G2 racecar, has received support from Hixon Motor Sports (HMS), a multi-car Mazda MX-5 Cup Team. HMS provided funds for both the car’s build and the team of young racers, the organization said.

“The ‘E-Racing’ program aligns perfectly with our mission to restore the emotional, educational and social development of children and their families following a pediatric cancer diagnosis,” said foundation CEO and co-founder Amy Jo Osborn. “Not only are children learning incredible skills through this program, but they are also working on restoring hand-eye coordination, and fine motor and critical thinking skills, which are often hindered in the cancer treatment journey. We can’t thank our friends at Hixon Motor Sports enough for making our E-Racing program possible.”

Click here for more information on the Chattanooga Green Prix.

Click here for more information on the Austin Hatcher Foundation and the E-Racing program.

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