Audrain Veteran Car Tour Celebrates Third Year

The event brought various Brass Era cars on a 50-mile tour through Newport, Rhode Island...

The third annual Audrain Veteran Car Tour, presented by Bonhams|Cars, showcased enthusiasm for early Brass Era cars as they gathered in Newport, Rhode Island. A diverse range of pre-1910 motor cars lined up along historic Bellevue Avenue, creating a nostalgic atmosphere that transported onlookers back in time, according to reports. 

The cars parked along the granite curb of the brick-paved sidewalk included a well-preserved 1898 Mors, a 1903 De Dion Bouton and a powerful 1905 Fiat 60-hp ex-race car. Making its triumphant return to Newport was the 12-hp 4-cylinder Panhard et Levassor Type B1. This famous car ran in the first ever motor car road race held in Newport in 1901 and went on to win the New York to Buffalo endurance race in September of the same year.

Audrain Veteran Car Tour Celebrates Third Year | THE SHOP

Organized by Audrain Motorsport and presented by Bonhams|Cars, the Audrain Veteran Car Newport-Bristol-Newport Tour is an event that celebrates the city and region’s rich history of veteran automobiles. This year’s edition witnessed an impressive turnout of passionate collectors and car enthusiasts.

Bellevue Avenue was transformed into a living exhibition of automotive history as a vast array of pre-1910 motor cars took center stage. The participants proudly showcased their lovingly cared for vehicles, each telling a unique story. The event provided a rare opportunity for spectators to witness these cars up close and imagine the bygone era in which they once shared the roads with the horse!

“The spirits of the participants and their love for these automobiles, each astonishing examples of rolling history, is a true testament to our hobby,” said Donald Osborne, who drove a rare 1907 Ford Model S from the Audrain Collections.  “They navigated the streets of Aquidneck Island up to Bristol and back with grace, grit, and determination. Their passion and enthusiasm resonated with everyone who lined the streets to greet us along the route.”

Audrain Veteran Car Tour Celebrates Third Year | THE SHOP

The Audrain Veteran Car Tour, presented by Bonhams|Cars, has become a highly anticipated event on the automotive calendar, attracting participants and enthusiasts from far and wide. 

As the third annual Audrain Veteran Car Tour drew to a close the event highlighted the importance of preserving and celebrating veteran automobiles, ensuring that future generations can continue to marvel at these magnificent machines.

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