Athena Racing Announces Team Members

athena racing
Athena Racing has named its inaugural team of ten members.

The inaugural team of ten team members for Athena Racing have been revealed. The young ladies participating in the extracurricular program are high school and gap year students pursuing STEM careers paths as automotive engineers, auto technicians, law enforcement and professional race car drivers.

Completing a rigorous application process similar to applying to a major university, those interested in the scholarship opportunity answered a series of questions, wrote a 750-word essay and produced a 60-second video on Instagram showcasing their talents.

Those who were shortlisted for tryouts had to complete a panel interview with Hannah Grisham, Pro Driver, and Dani Phan, SDSU Aztec Racing President; participate in track chalk talk with Chris Nunes, Off-Road Pro Driver; and race against the clock in time trials on the K1 Carlsbad kart track.

“This is an innovative team of young ladies who understand the importance of intense training and the need to get your hands dirty in order to experience all aspects of the business,” said executive director, Loxley Browne. “These are the game-changers who will be inventing, designing, and testing our modes of transportation for the future. By pushing a race car to its limit, building a car, and learning all aspects of business, they will be able to lead teams in whichever career path they choose.”

Athena Racing’s 2019-2020 team of ten are:

  • Adeline – a high school junior pursuing a career in Automotive Engineering
  • Emily G – a high school junior pursuing a career in Automotive Engineering
  • Emily N – a high school freshman pursuing a career as an Automotive Technician
  • Izzy – a high school senior pursuing a career as a Team Director
  • Kailey – a high school junior pursuing a career in High-level Law Enforcement
  • Leslie – a high school senior pursuing a career in Engineering in the Marines
  • Marissa – a Gap Year teammate pursuing a career as a Pro Driver
  • Maddy – a high school sophomore pursuing a career in Engineering
  • Rosy – a high school senior pursuing a career in Mathematics
  • Stephanie – a high school senior pursuing a career in Automotive Performance Engineering

“It’s rare to see the motivation they have shown. That deserves every ounce of dedication we have,” said Chris Hurst, Athena Racing’s Driving Instructor. “I’m looking forward to being part of a team that breaks boundaries and focuses on results. It’s a privilege to work with young people who are passionate about the sport, and I look forward to helping them grow in their pursuit of perfecting their craft.”

The program aims to provide hands-on experience, which will allow for a better understanding of not only the theory but the application of these industries. The intensive one-year training in ten education tracks focuses on driving, mechanics, safety, leadership, marketing, public speaking, entrepreneurship, wellness, photography and etiquette.

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