Artec Industries Receives Patent for APEX Axle Truss

Artec Industries Receives Patent for APEX Axle Truss | THE SHOPArtec Industries has received a patent for its APEX Axle Truss system, the company announced.

The patented APEX Axle Truss system features a peaked shaped top which provides extra rigidity to the axle when trussed, according to Artec engineers, and is designed to reduce weight and installation time with the elimination of long weld seams.

The patent also relates to a design feature where the truss extends to suspension components along the axle tube, providing additional reinforcement for both the axle and suspension brackets, the company said. Additionally, the APEX axle truss patent includes features used in Artec Industries APEX Axle Swap Kits, which allows a consumer to use axles from a different model vehicle under their vehicle.

“The issuance of this patent marks a monumental milestone for Artec Industries and the automotive aftermarket industry as a whole,” said Artie Nuttall, founder of Artec Industries. “Our team has worked tirelessly to develop a product that not only stands up to extreme conditions but also sets a new benchmark for innovation and useability. The APEX Truss system embodies our commitment to quality and high-performance solutions for off-road enthusiasts.”

“Receiving this patent reinforces our relentless pursuit of technological excellence,” said Nate Price, CEO of Artec Industries. “The APEX Truss system is a testament to the ingenuity and skill of our engineers and designers, and it exemplifies the next generation of axle support technology. This revolutionary product has already been a game-changer for our industry and we’re working on developing even more APEX axle truss products in the near future.”

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