APR and Dinan Bank on LIQUI MOLY

German oil and additive manufacturer LIQUI MOLY has become the exclusive lubricant partner for both U.S.-based tuning specialists, APR and Dinan. The two firms are also using the brand’s additives and other automotive chemicals.

APR specializes in VW Group models, including Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Å koda and SEAT vehicles. The company offers upgrades to wheels, brakes, exhaust systems, software tuning, turbocharger systems and more. With a global network of around 600 dealers, APR operates across the globe.

Dinan specializes in BMW models, for which it offers a similar assortment.

APR and Dinan are represented at many regional and local tuner events in the U.S.

“These local and regional events are doubly important to us,” said Sebastian Zelger, director of LIQUI MOLY USA. “Firstly, our oils and additives are the number one choice when it comes to delivering maximum engine performance. And secondly, many who attend these events also purchase our products. They also recommend our oils and additives to their friends.”

What’s more, all three companies specialize in German models.

“Automakers in Germany long ago ceased using the lower tested requirements of API specification oils,” Zelger said. “Instead designing their own highly sophisticated oil specifications.”

Dinan and APR now exclusively use LIQUI MOLY oils and additives. As soon as the partnerships were sealed, LIQUI MOLY took part in an APR and Dinan Dealer Summit.

LIQUI MOLY aims to use the official partnership to significantly boost product sales for both APR/Dinan and LIQUI MOLY.

“Our collaboration with APR and Dinan,” Zelger said, “is a key step for us, both in the U.S. and globally.”

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