APC Automotive Technologies Receives Vendor of Year Award

APC Automotive Technologies Receives Vendor of Year Award | THE SHOPAPC Automotive Technologies LLC has been named Outstanding Vendor of the Year by The Automotive Parts Services Group (The Group).

The award, which was announced during The Group’s 2020 Together Towards Tomorrow national member conference, recognizes APC Automotive Technologies as the organization’s most preferred vendor and was voted on by all Pronto and Federated members, according to a press release.

“Each year our members vote for the vendors who are leaders in different categories. The vendors selected provide outstanding value and support and are typically companies that members value as partners. The Outstanding Vendor of the Year is a company that members view as extremely important and dedicated to their success. This honor is reserved for companies who consistently perform at high levels in most areas and are viewed as partners who can be counted on when challenges arise,” The Group stated.

APC Automotive Technologies is a supplier of automotive, light truck and heavy-duty replacement parts that was formed in May 2017 with the merger of AP Emissions Technologies and Centric Parts.

“On behalf of the entire APC team, it is an exceptional honor to receive this prestigious award from one of the industry’s premier aftermarket suppliers,” said Tribby Warfield, APC Automotive Technologies chairman & CEO. “Being named Outstanding Vendor of the Year by The Group is a significant accomplishment and a direct testament to the tenacity and resilience of each and every one of our team members’ ability to adapt through unprecedented times and a challenging business environment.”

The Automotive Parts Services Group purchases all under-car product categories from APC Automotive Technologies (both brake and emissions components), with Centric Parts being the largest overall supplier by volume. The Group was created by the merger of efforts and resources of the Federated and Pronto program groups on behalf of their respective members, creating one of the largest automotive parts supply networks in North America.

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