AP Racing Selected as NASCAR Cup Series Next Gen Brake Supplier

AP Racing Selected as NASCAR Cup Series Next Gen Brake Supplier | THE SHOPAP Racing, a brake and clutch supplier, has been selected by NASCAR as the sole brake system supplier for the 2022 Next Gen Cup Series, the company announced.

AP Racing will be supplying its Radi-CAL 6- and 4-piston monobloc brake calipers for the Next Gen car. AP Racing has also introduced its new direct drive brake rotor configuration into the series, allowing teams to use the same rotors for multiple events.

In addition, the company has been able to supply a brake system that uses the same front and rear calipers for all tracks, with only two rotor options for heavy and light duty brake scenarios – thus further reducing costs for teams while maintaining outstanding braking performance, the company said. The actuation side of the brake system is controlled by the new AP Racing pedal box, which incorporates both forged and billet components and uses the latest pull-type AP Racing master cylinders.

“Firstly, I’d like to emphasize just how proud we are of our dedicated NASCAR project team. It’s their dedication and innovation that has proven pivotal to securing this sole brake supply agreement,” said Richard Gregory, head of sales at AP Racing. “Importantly, this also highlights just how strong AP Racing is at understanding and responding to the requirements of both existing and new customers.”

“AP Racing has played an important role in the development and roll-out of the NASCAR Next Gen car,” said Josh Hamilton, senior manager, innovation communications at NASCAR. “As sole provider of brake systems, AP Racing has been able to meet and exceed our expectations in development and delivery of brake system parts. We are thankful for the expertise and professionalism shown by AP Racing and its employees.”

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