AMP EFI Powers the Newest $10K Drag Shootout Champion

It took longer than expected, but when the winner of the Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout 2 was finally crowned at Lights Out 11 in Georgia, the winning Chevrolet Camaro was powered by an MS3Pro engine management system from the tuning experts at AMP EFI.

Team Enemies Everywhere defeated Team Bigun in the finals of the popular Power Automedia program that pits four teams in a limited-budget build and race competition. The season was supposed to be decided last fall at No Mercy 10, before a fire broke out in a trailer hauling the vehicles to the event, prompting a delay over the winter while they were repaired. The Enemies Everywhere vehicle was the least impacted by the fire, which started elsewhere in the trailer and damaged two other competitors’ vehicles badly.

AMP EFI Powers the Newest $10K Drag Shootout Champion | THE SHOP

At the Lights Out 11 finals held Feb. 15, 2020 at South Georgia Motorsports Park, Enemies Everywhere used some of its budget on the MS3Pro system, while two rivals used competing ECU systems and the fourth ran a carburetor setup. Enemies Everywhere made consistent passes all day long and, despite posting its slowest time in the finals, still outpaced Team Bigun’s Ford Granada wagon for the win.

“Our team was the only car that consistently ran clean and went A to B,” said Jerry Hoffmann of AMP EFI. “Everybody else either had problems running right, or traction problems. Our car just hooked and went.”

Viewers can watch the 10K Shootout finals on March 3rd at

AMP EFI Powers the Newest $10K Drag Shootout Champion | THE SHOP

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