American Hot Rod Foundation Launches New Website

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The American Hot Rod Foundation has launched a new website.

The American Hot Rod Foundation (AHRF) has announced the launch of its new website,, featuring historical archives, ‘Photo of the Day,’ Jim’s News, photo and video galleries and the Rodcast.

The website was designed to have a clean and exciting look and was implemented by the AHRF’s social marketer, Kristel Hayes.

The website also has historical hot rod pioneer stories of legends like Ed Iskenderian, Tommy Ivo and many, many others. Fans can purchase t-shirts, AHRF jackets, museum quality prints, books, videos and more on the shop page.

The new website not only has the ability to include more content but is also easier to navigate, the foundation says. With this new platform the foundation will be able to provide new content on a weekly basis.

Since the inception of the American Hot Rod Foundation in 2002, Curator Jim Miller has collected and archived more than 150,000 images of vintage hot rods from all over the country.

“Preserving this important part of America’s history is our mission and our passion and we are thrilled to be able to share it in a much more user-friendly way. Thanks to our new website, we’ve now made available our largest and widest ranging collection of historic materials to date and we look forward to having fans of early hot rodding and/or serious researchers make good use of the AHRF’s work ,” said David Steele, Executive Director of the American Hot Rod Foundation.

The Foundation will soon launch a membership program that will also be featured on the website.

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