Alpine Electronics Introduces New Drive Assist Cameras

Alpine Electronics of America Inc. unveiled three new universal camera systems and a camera switcher at the 9-12 CES Show in Las Vegas Convention Center. The new cameras include technology to deliver better images in various lighting conditions.

“Alpine is committed to helping improve the driving experience. Our new camera systems feature HDR technology, which delivers a clearer on-screen image and gives drivers added confidence on the road,” said Mike Anderson, vice president and general manager of the aftermarket business unit for Alpine Electronics of America.

The three new models are the HCE-C1100 Single-View Rear HDR Camera, the HCE-C2100RD Multi-View Rear HDR Camera, and the HCE-C2600FD Multi-View Front HDR Camera. All the cameras have High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, which delivers improved image quality in varying light levels, according to Alpine.

HDR technology reproduces a wider range of luminance through the camera’s image sensor, resulting in a similar range of clarity that is experienced through human eyes, according to Alpine. This helps to capture and display both bright and dark areas of the camera image faithfully, without over-exposed washout of the picture, or areas that are too dark to see. The cameras also automatically adjust for exposure and white balance.

The multi-view HCE-C2100RD and HCE-C2600FD cameras share many features. They have flexible installation options since either can be used directly with an Alpine screen or other aftermarket screen via the new KCX-C2600B Universal 2-Camera Switcher (sold separately). The HCE-C2600FD has three viewing modes-panorama, corner, ground-and the HCE-C2100RD features the same viewing modes in addition to a standard rearview mode. Both cameras are rated at IP68 to withstand dust and water. Included with each camera is a mounting bracket and direct extension cable (33-foot for the HCE-C2100RD, 10-foot for the HCE-C2600FD).

The HCE-C1100 is a single view rear camera that has the same installation flexibility as the other two new cameras. It comes with a mounting bracket and 23 foot direct extension cable which can connect to an Alpine screen or other screens via a universal RCA video output. All three cameras are compatible with the KTX-C10LP license plate frame kit, for easy installation on the vehicle’s back and/or front bumper.

The KCX-C2600B switcher not only serves as a method to connect the new cameras to a non-Alpine screen, it also provides the ability to switch between two multi-view camera systems. Images from each camera can be viewed independently and controlled by the included switcher button which can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle.

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