Alpha Motor Corporation Completes Ride-Along Tests

The Wolf modular truck conducted tests to better understand buyer expectations...

Alpha Motor Corporation (Alpha) announces the successful completion of its ride-along event. Guided by the enthusiastic feedback of potential future customers who went for the ride, according to the company, Alpha’s ride-along event is available for viewing here.

After confirming the driving performance of the WOLF truck in the Southern California desert last summer, Alpha’s ride-along event marks a milestone in the company’s commitment to consumer-centric vehicles, officials noted.

“We will apply insights gained through ride-along events to enhance development. Based on the feedback, the WOLF truck is on track to become a mainstream favorite,” stated Alpha Motor Corporation.

Alpha Motor Corporation Completes Ride-Along Tests | THE SHOP

Taking place in weather conditions ranging between 41 and 63 degrees with an average humidity of 54%, the WOLF truck navigated a designated course featuring multiple 90-degree turns and straight paths where it reached high speeds. The event spanned eight hours, during which the WOLF truck continuously traversed the course. 

The Wolf utilized only 20% of its battery capacity and underwent a total charge time of 30 minutes.

“The objective of this event was to understand the needs and desires of our customers. We conducted tests on the WOLF, equipped with base model performance specifications, to grasp and address expectations for the mainstream market,” explained Alpha Motor Corporation.

Participants selected for the ride-along event provided feedback, contributing to Alpha’s ongoing study of driving experience. The insights will help advance pre-production, ensuring that Alpha’s electric vehicles align with consumer expectations, according to the company.

“Alpha will continue organizing ride-along events to collect feedback from participants, with the aim of ensuring that our electric vehicles are equipped to provide an enjoyable driving experience,” said Alpha Motor Corporation.

The WOLF truck shares its platform with other variant models, including the WOLF+ (WOLF Plus) and SUPERWOLF full-size 5-passenger trucks, as well as the REX SUV and most recently the JAX Crossover.

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