Alfa Romeo Offering Throwback Liveries for Giulia GTA

In the 110th year of Alfa Romeo, the brand is offering Giulia GTA customers a completely customized experience, including custom throwback liveries.

For the new GTA, the team at Centro Stile Alfa Romeo have reinterpreted the evocative liveries that have been associated with the successful racing history of the GTA. Customers can request one of these liveries for their car, as well as selecting the side number and a Goodwool car cover to match.

While developing the liveries, Centro Stile Alfa Romeo drew on the brand’s diverse history. It took inspiration from some of the GTA’s most prestigious victories, including the yellow nose that distinguished the 1971 European Touring Car Championship (ETCC) winning car, the asymmetrical nose from the 1965-1968 Sprint GTA and the symmetrical nose of the GTA 1300 Junior.

The choice of painted nose arose from the need to distinguish the drivers in the same race from each other. The historic white “mask” has been reinterpreted and, combined with the lateral stripes, it immediately evokes the Alfa Romeo racing heritage. The hood incorporates elements of the Alfa Romeo logo such as the cross, the Biscione and the Italian flag.

Some of the most representative and evocative liveries include those in ochre and white and red and yellow. The ochre recalls the 1750 GTAm in which Toine Hezemans won the ETCC in 1970, while the Biscione on the hood and lines on its sides are a nod to the GTA 1300 Junior. The longitudinal stripes, meanwhile, were the aesthetic quirks of individual drivers.

In addition to the Centro Stile liveries (limited availability), the Giulia GTA and GTAm will be available in a choice of GTA Red, Trophy White and Montreal Green, a range of colors that pay tribute to the Italian flag. Customers can also choose from a selection of colors for the brake calipers, roll bar, seat belts and stitching.

A dedicated online configurator is now available, allowing customers to view the various possible combinations on the Giulia GTA and GTAm.

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