AFR Partners with Gage Burch

Air Flow Research has formed a new partnership with Gage Burch, a 21-year-old bracket racer from Palmetto, Florida, the company announced. The company will provide support to Burch and his race program.

Unlike many of his competitors that have nine-to-five jobs that support their racing habit, Burch is a full-time student at the State College of Florida, so he relies heavily on his ability to focus round after round and on the companies that continue to support his race program, the company said.

“I’ve run AFR heads for three years now and they take my Mustang to the next level. I have put over 2,700 runs on these heads without servicing them, which isn’t something I recommend doing, but just goes to show how strong and reliable AFR’s product is,” said Burch. “Everywhere I go I’m usually double entered and I end up making around 900 runs a year down the track. Not once have I ever doubted my AFR cylinder heads. The power and consistency that AFR heads provide is a huge contribution to my success on the track.”

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